Concrete Walkway Construction

You may be looking to get a new walkway, or having an existing one that is in need of repair or maybe even a replacement, well if that’s the case Concrete Contractor is the name and concrete walkway installation in Rockville is the game.
There are different services we provide for walkways

  • Repairing A Concrete Walkway – In many case only some sections of a walkway are damaged and in order to help reduce the cost of replacing the whole walkway we will carefully cut, form, reinforce with rebar’s and connect to the existing, pour concrete and blend the repair to the existing 
  • Replacement Of Concrete Walkway – A replacement mainly occurs if the walkway is totally destroyed from earth movement, not enough reinforcement, using low PSI concrete, water damage which causes the walkway to wave and slope in the wrong directions
  • New Concrete Walkway – Having a solid walkway for movement around your property is key in bad weather conditions and plus cement pathways look beautiful for your front entry

Important Details to Look For In a Concrete Walkway Installation

Here are some key elements to consider when hiring a concrete contractor for this type of project

  • Gravel Bedding – A 4-5″ thickness gravel bedding will eliminate most effect of earth movement which will cause damage to the walkway during the long run
  • Vapor Barrier – A 6mm plastic barrier will eliminate most of ground moisture which will greatly increase the life of a walkway
  • Rebar Reinforcement – Concrete when its dry is a big piece of rock now imagine adding iron between that rock, the amount of strength it will have and also adding flexibly will greatly increase
  • Forming – Is the most important skill for concrete specialist, depending on the forming layout that is how the end product will look, so when you look at the forming and it doesn’t look right, know that the end product is going to copy the exact thing
  • Concrete Thickness – a walkway of 4″ thickness and higher will keep the walkway solid to handle from not cracking under types of weight pressure
  • Slope – A right slope is created with right forming directing. what is the use of a walkway if it doesn’t have the right slope and it will hold puddles of water, imagine if it snows you can go ice skating, even worse, imagine having the wrong slope and the water is being directed back to the house.

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