How to Get the Best in the Business as Your SubContractor

A good contractor will do all the work by himself, a great contractor will get awesome subcontractors to do the work for him.

When you are looking for a subcontractor you’re looking for a company that you can just tell them what to do and never worry again, well if you work with us, that’s exactly how it’s going to be. 

  1. Our job is to Give you Less Headaches– We have been a full on general contracting company and we had subcontractors working for us, we learned to appreciate the value of a great subcontractor who will be by your side and not giving you a hard time and since we ourselves decided to become focused on concrete and provide our service to GC’s we made sure that dealing with us will be worry Free, very productive and efficient
  2. We Are Legit– When it comes to running Got Concrete Contractor we are very serious about it, we don’t want to mess around with you or your clients and that why we are licensed, insured and bonded
  3. Confidence – When you meet with us you will develop a sense of confidence from the get go knowing that any project that you could need us for, you can count on it being done
  4. All The Services Your Looking For – If it’s a home addition, a whole house Construction or just about any type of renovation, we can get your foundations, CMU walls and slabs up and get you going with framing.
  •  Excavation – excavation looks easy but a great contractor knows that an excavator is needed in order for that process to go smoothly 
  • Demolition Team – we will bust out anything made of concrete
  • Build Up – The things we do range from a simple walkway and all the way to a full basement and even underpinning
  • Clean up – this part is most important than any of them because a clean job site means a happy customer
  1. Job Site Is Always Clean– Many subcontractors fail to do this part even though it’s really just organizing the materials sweeping the ground, piling up and hauling away the trash, our clean up doesn’t start at the end of the day or next day, it’s happening while we are working if one crew member is free then you bet he is cleaning and organizing, we make sure to keep everything safe first for everyone’s safety and our peace of mind and second , it’s  for you to look great in front of your client knowing that we are all  treating his project with respect
  2. No Hidden Costs Or Miscommunication– We like everything to be clear and simple when it comes to doing business with us, we are very sharp with details and we write very detailed proposals, we don’t leave out anything and we don’t add up anything

We will be happy to meet, discuss and consult with you, you can reach us on the number below.

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