Concrete Retaining Wall Construction

Got Concrete Contractor is here to provide all Puget Sound residents with quality workmanship, we specialize in concrete and one of our many service is concrete retaining walls, we are experts in this field because we know the importance of concrete and how it should be done right from the first time or it won’t last especially in bad weather conditions.
If your existing retaining wall is failing whether it’s from timber, stone or concrete then give us a call and we will make it right 
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What Is a Concrete Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall responsibility is to retain soil behind if for many reasons but it’s all in all it is to level the ground.
Reasons for a retaining wall:

  • Leveling sloped areas which will cause runoffs and water being directed to your house 
  • Leveling your backyard to add more into your outdoor living space
  • Leveling the ground for building purposes
  • Adding a grand entrance to your house


Having your retaining wall done by concrete has many advantages ranging from:

  • Solid Like A Rock – We all know how strong concrete is i mean have you tried punching a concrete wall and in order to get a concrete retaining wall up you need to have a massive foundation holding it all together now that sounds like it can retain anything
  • Its Bullet Proof – It beats anything, i doesn’t burn into flames, it never rots and it never rusts a bullet can’t go through it, once its poured it’s going to stay there for a lime time
  • Form It And Your Done – Once you’re done forming it its pouring concrete time!, and a few days later the forming is out and we make sure to help it cure by following up with days of watering the concrete 
  • All Kinds Of Shapes – With a skilled concrete contracting company like us you get the opportunity to get creative with your retaining wall from angling the wall to sloping the wall ​​

Concrete Retaining Wall

Installation Process

In order for you to enjoy the benefits you must hire a professional and that’s where we come in:

  • It start with the excavation being done right and dug by code in order to pour a heavy duty concrete foundation
  • Using the right amount and doubling that in order to attach the concrete retaining wall to the foundation solidly
  • Installation of heavy duty forming with heavy duty support in order to get a straight wall 

We are here to get your retaining wall and strong and ready for action dealing with us will be the best thing you do for any of your projects.

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