Get Your Front House an awesome look with a Concrete Porch

Adding a front concrete porch to your house can be a cool addition, a place where you can chill, add some more decoration to your front house, add some extra storage. 
Got Concrete Contractor is here to get your porch done in no time. Imagine a front porch on your front door, damn that weekend night sounds much better or maybe those late nights where you can sit on a rocking chair outside watching the sunset, I know I want to do that right now, there are many benefits of adding that massive concrete piece

Concrete Porch Installation

  • We mark up the area and start by removing the grass, demolishing an existing concrete porch.
  • Excavating and digging in the earth depends on how elevated do you want your porch to be, its thickness can range from 6 to 8″,
    we also take into account the gravel bedding that comes under the porch.
  •  Forming a porch can look easy but it has concepts that you must follow in order to have a successful porch poured, and finished, in the forming phase we need to make sure that the slope of the concrete porch is being directed away from the house and all that while making sure the forming is supported (you don’t want to have a loose end and having your forming break while pouring concrete that is just bad and hard to repair on the spot).
  • Before we add a gravel bedding we make sure to tamp the earth and level it, then we go ahead and add the gravel and also leveling the gravel and why is that? Well I’m glad you asked, by leveling the gravel we make sure that the concrete being poured will all be in the same thickness and the right thickness for it to be a solid one piece.
  • Adding a simple 6 mm vapor barrier under your concrete porch will go a long way with protecting it from any moisture coming from the ground and common sense says that will for sure make it last longer .
  • When adding rebar’s it needs to be the right quantity and the right thickness, adding thick and too much rebar’s will actually weaken the concrete slab and having low amounts of iron rebar’s will also weaken the concrete porch.
  • Pouring concrete is the best phase of all this work because once we pour it that means your project is done and your house will be back to normal, right on the next day you’ll be able to step and continue your life like normal just with a new front porch to walk on or chill on in your backyard, also would like to mention that we deal with 4000 PSI Concrete because we just don’t cut corners, a highly quality concrete job is in its materials.

Working with us will have you satisfied and happy, you won’t need to worry about bad service, cutting corners, strangers in your house, we are a family owner company that runs on respect, loyalty and professionalism.

We are ready for your hardscaping project, just give us the okay and its done.

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