Get a new Chill Spot in Your Backyard with a Concrete Patio 

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Concrete patios have many benefits from its durability to its beauty and added value to the house, it can be a great place to relax and dine on in the weekends, throw a party in your back yard and have a comfortable and solid patio to get that party going.

Concrete Patio Installation

when we install a concrete patio we always follow the steps below in order to provide you with long lasting, quality and solid work.

  1. Location & Dimension – In order to build and follow the design, marking and measuring the area where the patio is going to be poured must be accurate we consider this the most important step during installation for it will determine where we will dig and form.
  2. Excavation – We make sure during this process that we dig the earth to the required Depth and tamp the earth flat to ensure a 4″ gravel bedding and a perfect 4″ poured concrete will fit in.
  3. Forming – Building up a form is eventually building the shape of the patio that will hold the wet new concrete in place for it to cure, but most importantly is supporting the form that it won’t move from the pressure created from the concrete being poured.
  4. Gravel – While movement of the earth is not in anyone’s control we lay a nice 4″ gravel bedding to take the impact of the earth movement and by that it will increase the life time of the patio from cracking.
  5. Rebar’s – Iron rebar’s are the skeleton of a concrete patio, it’s what will hold it in one piece, we always double the amount of rebar’s that is necessary because that’s what you get for hiring a quality concrete patio contractor.
  6. Pouring Concrete – Using 4000 PSI concrete we   pour into the forming shape, depending on job size the crew is divided into teams where one team will take care of pouring the concrete and the other team takes care of filling, setting and smoothing the concrete to get it to an even surface.
  7. Finishing concrete – After the concrete has been set, tamped and smoothed it’s time to finish it up by rounding edges and depending on size we cut the concrete into same sized squares for beauty and also for dividing the concrete and finish it up with a nice broom finish.
    Those are the steps we take explained in general but there is more to it, the most important aspect of a successful concrete patio is slope direction, flat concrete that won’t collect puddles of water.
  8. Repairing Your Concrete Patio – if your concrete is cracked or sunked or in a wrong slope direction then we recommend replacing your concrete patio and have us do it right.
    We take pride in our concrete services and our focus is to deliver the highest quality of work.

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